Brent Terhune: What on flat earth?


Crack open an emotional support beer, put your feet up and be entertained from home by Brent Terhune and The Redneck Y’all Just Love to Hate. One of them will be celebrating the release of Brent’s sophomore stand up album “Bluff Creek,” and the other will be mad as hell about it. Tune in directly from the safety of your couch for a night of comedy, exclusive sketches, special guest appearances and probably a lot of coughing. After the show, hang out to chat with Brent virtually and send in questions for the Q&A. What kind of truck does he drive? It’s a 2020 Big Ass Truck, LIKE HE TOLD YOU ALREADY! Where does Brent live? Indianapolis – go Coats! Is he boycotting football? Yes! Except for Sunday, Monday and Thursday night.

$15 GENERAL ADMISSION: Livestream Show includes after-show hang with Q&A

Age Restriction: PG13 comedy good for the whole family. Unless you’re a beta male soy-boy who needs your safe space!